Digital Hitmen After Hours Podcast

Digital Hitmen After Hours Podcast [Episode 1]

June 27, 2019

Introducing the first episode of the Digital Hitmen After Hours Podcast!

The founders of Digital Hitmen, Levi Saunders and Brad Russell, recently became friends with Stevo Bonhage.

Stevo is a German-born, super-talented photographer with a passion for travel and meeting interesting people. Stevo was initially enquiring about SEO services, but after their first meeting it become apparent that something much more exciting was possible. At one point during the meeting, Levi told of his aspirations to one day start a podcast. Little did he know that was exactly what Stevo had extensive experience doing.

What is the After Hours Podcast?

The Digital Hitmen After Hours Podcast is aimed at bringing together interesting people from all walks of life (from both Perth and beyond). In a relaxed and fun environment, they reveal their life stories, quirky tales and opinions on a range of topics.

After a short intro, the purpose of the night was to give a rough outline of what the After Hours Podcast entails. After that, it was all about getting used to working with each other; talking about pretty much anything that popped into their heads and most importantly having a laugh while doing so. No subject was off limits.

So, What's Next?

The one thing all three guys share in common is they are incredibly passionate about what they do. Admittedly, there are a lot of unknown factors in this podcast series, but that's what they love about it. So the short answer is...who really knows. Tune in next time to see where this crazy ride takes them.

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