Digital Hitmen After Hours Podcast

Digital Hitmen After Hours Podcast With Revel Loughlin, Facebook Ads Expert [Episode 4]

July 4, 2019

In this week's episode of the Digital Hitmen After Hours Podcast, Levi chats with Revel Loughlin, Perth's Facebook Ads expert.

So, Who is Revel Loughlin?

In a nutshell, a successful personal trainer and Facebook Ads guru. For more information about his Facebook marketing services, visit

Did They Chat About Anything Useful, or Just Drink Wine?

A bit of both really...

Revel shares with us some of his expertise: his main strategies, social media marketing tips, how he hacked Facebook Ads, and more.

Levi explains the impact that Facebook Ads and social media signals have on SEO rankings, what to look for when hiring new talent, and more.

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