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Digital Hitmen Meets Shil Shanghavi, Founder of Chatterbox Public Speaking 📢 [Episode 8]

December 17, 2019

During this episode, Brad and Levi enjoy their time chatting with public speaking expert and all-around great-guy, Shil Shanghavi.

As someone who had an extreme fear of public speaking paired with a stuttering issue, Shil is uniquely qualified to help others.

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Who is Shil?

Shil Shanghavi is a public speaking guru who is changing the way scores of professionals view public speaking. Born on Mombasa, an island off the coast of Kenya, Shil moved to Perth when he was 16 years old.

Shil’s personal struggles with public speaking were a combination of fear with a stuttering problem that began in his childhood. As he learned to control his stutter, Shil developed skills that enabled him to help others with similar fears.

After developing his skills, Shil created Chatterbox Public Speaking, as a way to help others conquer the fear of public speaking.

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